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Ultimate Bed Rack Lighting Kit

CAD $953.00

Select either the Siberia Tail Light, or the Siberia Red Tiger without adjusting other quantities.
Siberia Tail Light

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Siberia Red Tiger

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6″ Side Light Kit (Includes 2 Lights)

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Bed Lights / Rock Lights Kit (Includes 2 Lights)

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Wiring Harness - Bed Rack

Available on backorder

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**Wiring harnesses are in production – expect a 1 week turnaround from order date


We’ve made rack lighting simple 👌

We’ve put together what we consider to be the ultimate rack lighting setup to save you the work of having to do it yourself.

After going through a ton of options for testing, we’ve narrowed it down to provide the best lighting option at a great price!


Light up camp, work, or the trails with our Ultimate Rack Lighting kit.


Light up the sides, rear and bed contents easily, with a custom fit harness to keep your rack looking clean as ever.

Add to that a built in tail/brake light to improve road safety and you can’t beat this setup.


Siberia Tail Light vs. Siberia Red Tiger

Click on the links below to see each light. Key differences are based on the white light function and size:

Tail Light: offers a slim profile with a white light that illuminates the immediate area around the tailgate and can be wired as a reverse light. Practical for camp lighting around the tailgate and reverse lighting.

Red Tiger: larger light profile with more of a traditional light bar beam pattern reaching out to a much greater distance.


Package Includes:


–Important Wiring Note–

Switches/circuit protection is not included, as this is extremely application specific.

The wiring harness provides everything required to connect all 5 lights on the bed rack with waterproof Deutsch connectors and terminates with a pigtail connector with approx 12″ of additional wire to be hooked up to your switches and circuit protection.


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